I love my sister more for getting me an awesome gift. 


My Eyes Became a Waterfall…

Tiny droplets of salty water came streaming down my face as soon as I looked down and read that beautiful four letter word. 

"GIRL! !!!!!" 

All while slightly choking on the breakfast bagel my amazing husband rushed around this morning to make for me. I usually fat girl cry when I stuff my face so that was the norm. But this text, it made my day. She’s having a girl. And I wish I still saw her daily so that together we could ugly farrah cry and I can hug the shit out of her and the beautiful human being she’s growing inside of her who she describes as a dinosaur. I like dinosaurs. And I like them. Two baby girls coming this summer that I get to smother to pieces. Two new nieces who’s lives I get to be apart of. God is Great. 

The mission starts to find the most dramatic tutus I can get my grubby little hands on. 

In Jessie Spanos words;

I’m So Excited!


Went to Hobby Lobby and chipped one of my claws…. ON PAPER. 

The Claws….

They’re beautiful. Perfect is the best adjective to describe them.
Perfect length.
Perfect Strength.
Perfectly Bubble Bath Polished. 

And this will last about one more day before one cracks and the rest follow suit. Most of my day has consisted of me staring at my claws because I know I only have them perfect for a limited time. I really need to get my ass up and go get gel placed over them.
Ugh Too many steps. 

My body is one big mangled bruise….

it feels great. I stepped out of my comfort zone last night. Something I have had problems doing for while. Change, it’s too much sometimes. I tend to stick to routine. Day in, day out. There is nothing wrong with it until it starts to suffocate you. I needed something else. Anything. Something to change. All it took was something little like this to make me feel good. To put a smile on my self esteem. It did. I sit here feeling sore, bruised, in pain, and it’s perfect. It makes me feel accomplished. Yes, something so simple. It was a breath of fresh air. Something the inner me needs. 

One goal met.

Number 28. 
I rang my new year in with the bests. 

The loves of my life Fo life.

But Why….

Why do people want to see me go insane? 
I’m not a person who tends to feel insulted often, but damn was today different.

I need to learn to say no more often. I think that’s a good goal for 28. 
No and to tell people when they cross the line. I don’t like to be taken advantage of and right now that’s what it seems like is bound to happen. Everyone wants shit done for nothin now a days. 

ugh and an ew for the insult.

I turn 28 in two days. 
Time to set goals. As far as 27 was concerned, I met some of them. I’m smarter and wiser than I was. But I don’t know it all. And I won’t. But I know more than 26 and soon, more than 27.

For now, I feel accomplished where I am, what I’m doing, and with those I want by my side. Because without them, life wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t be happy. And if there are two goals I strive for, they are to always be a good person and to be happy. 
I’m Happy. (But this bitchy looking picture makes it seem otherwise) ha. 

Photo shoots With Baby KC Day 2.
He took a fiver to have some lovely conversations with his Auntie Jessie. He’s big time so we have to work around his schedule. 
04.07.2014 | 97 of 365

Photo shoots With Baby KC.
Adorable overload. Even when he would spit up in between takes, he was still way adorable.
04.06.2014 | 96 of 365

When Funky Fingers Reunites.
04.05.2014 | 95 of 365

The Group Shots.
Kids always cooperate for them says no one ever. 

Hair Don’ts Thursdays.
She tried tricking me for my phone, but didn’t let me do her hair.
and I fell for it. jerk.
04.03.2014 | 93 of 365